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b. 1986, HK.


Ryan McLaughlin has been working on instruments since he started playing bass guitar at age 14. He went on to play double-bass, eventually attending the Brevard Music Festival as a bassist when he was 17. There, his counselor was the in-house luthier, and Ryan’s eyes were opened to what would become a lifelong passion.


[lü-tē-ər] (noun): one that makes or repairs stringed instruments such as violins, violas and cellos.

Ryan attended the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon graduating from the four year program in 1999, Ryan joined the staff at Michael Becker Fine Violins in Park Ridge, Illinois. In 2006, Ryan moved to Atlanta to become the Workshop Manager at Williams Gengakki Violins. Since that time he started his own workshop, first in Atlanta, and now in Chicago’s Fine Arts Building.

Ryan is a regular at the Violin Society of America’s (VSA) Violin Restoration Workshop in Oberlin, Ohio. There he has studied under the late Rene Morel, John Becker, Andrew Fairfax, Jerry Pasewicz, Joseph Grubaugh, Rodney Mohr, David Orlin, Jeff Holmes, Guy Rabut, Marilyn Wallin, and David Burgess.

Ryan McLaughlin is on the Board of Directors and a member of the Violin Society of America; he is on the Board and a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers.

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